Delphi 2017r3 unlocked activator

Delphi 2017r3 unlocked activator

Last year some of you were asking us about this activator, how it works and can it be used on more then one pc.
Goods news, now you can use it without any restrictions. It has been fully unlocked and can be used on as many pc as you want.

We have obtained it for the testing purpose and it works good. Netframework 3.5 is required for activator to run, win10 will download and install it for you. We have tested it on a multiple computers with different antivirus and firewalls installed, so far no problems were detected. This 2017r3 version may be the last, as it uses the old database and it does not support new 2016+ models.

Activation video

6 thoughts on “Delphi 2017r3 unlocked activator

  1. hi i tried to Bluetooth this to my galaxy tab but it didnt work, then i went to go back onto delphi and it says i need to activate it again. Not sure what happened

  2. Hi, it depends on the software and the hardware. No idea which software you are using, so can’t give any advice. We do help people who have donated to support us. Thanks

  3. how do i go about just getting the activator working again on my laptop rather than my tab. iv got it on my laptop but it says its a demo?

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