Advanced Automobile Tuning Software

Advanced Automobile Tuning Software – Tuner PRO

This is the one of a few free ECU tuning software.

  • Full bin editing capability raw or via definition referencing
  • Full bin definition editing capability including reordering and item comments
  • Import definitions from various formats
  • 2D Graphing with multi-point dragging
  • 3D Graphing with multi-point dragging, surface plot, colored height map, rotation, translation, and zoom
  • Full-featured math engine with support for dozens of common functions (e.g. sin, cos, min, max, etc) and referential calculation (output from one calculation can be used as input for another)
  • Table manipulation functions for scaling rows, columns, and entire tables
  • 3D table smoothing functionality with user-defined alpha
  • Compare the current bin to up to 4 other bins at once
  • Includes a bin stacking tool for compiling multiple bins into one image
  • Bin Change Logging – changes can be auto-saved to a log file for easy tracking
  • Search for items by title keyword, address, or size
  • Rapidly list the differences between two bin files
  • View bins graphically for finding patterns and tables
  • Export bin data/contents to a plain text file for easy viewing and/or printing
  • Table range selection and editing ability – pull fuel/spark out of regions with minimal effort
  • Ability to Copy/Paste tables to/from Excel for extensive editing
  • Full-featured raw hex/octal/binary/dec editor
  • Easily check for and download the latest available version directly from the menus
  • Plug-in architecture for end-user extensibility
  • Much more!

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