Autocom 2020

The latest working Autocom version is available for general public. A few months ago a person has claimed some “crackers” group has managed to brake down the Autocom. It took them 6 years to finally brake it and the latest version is 2020. After a few months of discussions, arguing and fighting the automotive internet community got tired of high activation price ($150-200), limited support and most of all the arrogance of those people. So The VMWare image of Autocom 2020.23 was created and released to the general public. Access to it is still limited and you will have to pay for it any way, but only around $30 and it’s mainly delivered as a torrent download. Some sellers have it located on private and secured servers to protect the buyer.
We will be testing it soon and will let you know how it is. So far we have received a good feedback about this version.

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