VCI Firmware

A lot of people are asking which firmware should be used with Autocom or Delphi (A/D) 2016 made by hef2stuff.

The latest firmware you can use with 2016 software is 1513, the newer firmware version will not work properly. 1612 or 1622 will not translate DTC properly and may put some extra stress on your VCI. Some people have reported their VCI’s get damaged in a month or two by the newest FW. If you hear a beeping from your VCI after firmware update, than that FW is stressing your VCI. In this case you will have to downgrade it.

FW 1612 is the best for 2013.3 or 2014.2 versions. FW 1622 is the best for 2014.3 or 2015.3 versions.

To use Autocom, Delphi and WOW with one VCI, you will need the modified 1612 or 1622 FW. The is no modified FW at the moment to work with WOW and 2016 version of A/D.

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  1. i have o ds100e with delphi 2016 and firware 1430 . i have problem with ISS .i start the operation and said finished but the bar dow is incomplete and grey …. what is that i tried up to 4 different cars.

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