Launch Easydiag, M-diag and x341 offline activator 01.2018

The latest activator for Easydiag, Golo M-Diag + EZ-Diag and all x431Pro3S adapters.

New automatic package installer, patch maker, activator and all this right away for all LAUNCH devices. No longer will need to use different programs for different devices and look for activators for each them – this activator is for all LAUNCH devices which supports PRO3 application and with the built-in automatic patch creation function, just tell the software which brand you want to activate and the software will do it for you!

This software was written from scratch, and has no common code with other EasyDiag, M-Diag and iDiag activators.
Therefore, in this software everything is done differently, even the design has been updated.

Advantages over other EasyDiag, M-Diag and iDiag patchers and activators:

  1. Automatically creates a patch to run the brand
  2. Works with all LAUNCH adapters which can be run with PRO3 app
  3. A completely new program code

Drawbacks:  no cross-platform, works only under Windows, old programs are cross-platform and run under MacOS, LINUX and Windows.

The software is not tied to the hardware, it does not have any limits for activation, starts and even any restrictions.

The 11.2017 and 01.2018 cars database is built in the software, since this database is the most stable. Packages of cars will be updated periodically. Language is English and Russian only!

If there are any errors when unpacking the archive – update your WinRar or install the 7-zip compression software.

Attention! This software does not work with locked adapters (including Error-5) and for its correct operation you will need an officially downloaded one car brand (preferably EOBD2).

New scanners which have the 11.61 firmware preinstalled are locked by the factory

Written instructions are included in English and Russian languages.

Very difficult to activate, 4 out of 10 people have problem with it!



3 thoughts on “Launch Easydiag, M-diag and x341 offline activator 01.2018”

  1. I want this software, with paypal it is the only way to get it? If I pay with paypal how many time I have to wait for the link? Thanks

  2. Hi, I did everything as the video but when I try to use it with my android phone have this message “Disaccording between the software serial No. and Smartbox serial No., Please download and upgrade again or contact local dealer. ” The patch is EOBD 22.47 EOBD 14.92. can you help me please. What can be wrong? I am using windows 10, and Android 8.0. My connector is an yellow easydiag, Thanks

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