Delphi 2017 update

The first Autocom Delphi 2017 hex2stuff release had a major bug and it was done by mistake. Now it has been fixed and the software should work better. Hex2stuff also states, the feature updates will be done to fix all remaining bugs.

As of the software itself, looks like it has the same database as the 2016 version. 2017 version was intended for non professionals, with some new cars and 2017 year title added. Professionals know how to use an older versions with the newer cars, but the ordinary guys don’t. At the moment 2017 version performance is way lower then 2016 and we all will have to wait till bugs will be fixed. Software performance feedback is still coming from all over the world.

So basically it’s all the same only with some extra cars added. You can go and try it yourself and you may like it, who knows.