Comment from one of a few Autocom / Delphi patchers

“The databases from hex2stuff are not real, they are fake, just modified a little bit + new splash screen (again) to make EXTRA CASH $ Not talking about 2015.R1 which is pure shit completely.”

It proves hex2stuff used clever sale tactics, even now people don’t accept other good releases as it can’t meet the fake standards set by hef2stuff. The comment author has cracked hex2stuff 2014.3 release and after fixing a lot of bugs and making his own activator, released a new Delphi 2014.3 version to the public. His newest work is 2014.3 with one click installation and automated activation.

If you want good and stable working software, go for other (not hex2stuff) releases like 2014.3 or 2015.1R3. Please remember 2015.3 is a fake hex2stuff Chinese remake with the same database and bugs.


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