New Delphi by Hex2Stuff 2016

New Delphi by Hex2Stuff 2016

Looks like it’s just another commercial project from Hex2Stuff, with same old platform and the database.

A lot of people were suspecting it is just another “cooked” version of an older version. This test on Fiat Ducato just proved it on the technical level. Some of you may argue it is not true, but if you know how things work you will see it.

The test was done on Fiat Ducato 2016 using modified single board clone VCI with 1622 and provided 1532 firmware (made no difference). ISS could not find needed data and it just froze, so to avoid any damage done to the ECU I had to terminate the software. Individual ECU connection had shown the data warning, software could not find the needed data also. Successful diagnostics to the same car were done two weeks ago with the same VCI but different software version.

At the moment coming more negative feedback about this release. One garage has reported 2016 version does not work on 30-40% of Volvo cars. Another garage complained only 1 out of 5-6 MB Sprinter can be connected to.

You can leave your feedback or thoughts about this 2016 version here. More reports will come.


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