Latest modified 1622 firmware for CDP+

After 4 attempts and 2 days of testing, fully working modified firmware 1622 is available.

This firmware is designed to work with Wurth WOW and Autocom / Delphi software. It may not perform well with older Autocom and Delphi software versions like 2013.3 and 2014.2. Old VCI with board version v3 and v4 (more than 1.5 years old) will struggle also. It will work, but performance is not as good as with new VCI.

Over 12 hours of testing was carried out with brand new, out of factory Chinese clone v5 dual green board and v2 single green board VCIs, all with NEC relays. No performance difference was noticed! Scanning speed is good even with an old laptop. Code interpretation is also good,  all trouble codes had their description.

With this firmware you can use WOW, Autocom and Delphi together with a single VCI. There is no need to reflash your VCI each time you switch the software. Just replace existing software firmware with this one, update your VCI and you are set to go. It is very useful to use more than one software for car diagnostic. If one software trouble code interpretation is not clear enough, the second software may add some needed information etc.

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