Autocom / Delphi unofficial release versions

I’ll try to explain about Autocom’s software versions.

Autocom is the manufacturer of CDP+ VCI and the software. Delphi, Eclipse and Opus are the distributors who were allowed to add their brand to the software and the hardware.
The last and original release version was 2014.1 with security update 2014.2.
In 2015 first modified 2014.3 version was made, in 2016 came out 2015.1 which was soon renamed in 2015.3 by Chinese for profit.
In the late 2016 2015.1R3 was made and it is the last modification. Modification doesn’t mean database update, it can be stability improvement only.
In the early 2020 unofficial 2017.1 version was released with some new cars added to the list.

I can’t tell you if 2015.1R3 has the latest 2015 database, but it has improved stability and connection and is better than 2014.3.
At the moment there are 2 versions of 2014.3 and 3 versions of 2015.1. All originally were made by hex2stuff, but with lot of bugs and very unstable.
Other modifications were done by people working in the car industry. Main adjustments were to make the software stable.

How it works:
First guy wanted to improve some minor glitch in the software and after doing so, he’s embedded his name on the software. Second guy decided to improve it again and has changed version of the software. And it goes like this.

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